piercing jewelry

Flesh tunnels

Enjoy this collection of unique tunnels! Large gauge piercing requires specific jewelry and in our collection you'll find stylish and durable flesh tunnels at the lowest prices available. Extreme and unusual style of our tunnels proved to be very popular. We offer you to take a look at high quality flesh tunnels in organic materials, acrylic, titanium and gold. Various gauge sizes are to your disposal. Modern and comfortable tunnels will complete any outlook and will add you a hint of mystery.

large earrings for earlobe

Solid gold piercing jewelry

Enjoy this collection of beautiful solid gold piercing jewelry! Gold has always been a metal of kings and queens, noble men and the rich of the world. Nowadays gold jewelry is available to everyone and we offer you a wide choice of gold piercing jewelry in various designs and gauge sizes. Solid gold piercing jewelry can have completely different outlook depending on its design and shape.

14k gold piercing jewelry
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