Beautiful Pearl Jewelry Cleaning and Care

Pearl jewelry is one of the most elegant and beautiful in the world and pearls have been closed to humility, harmony and purity which are associated with marriage. White, pink or cream pearl earrings and necklace are standard jewelry for weddings. If you love high quality pearl jewelry and have several pieces of it in your jewelry collection, you should remember that pearl is one of the most fragile gem of all and you should wear and care for your pearl jewelry with all possible care. And here are some pieces of advice on pearl jewelry wear and storage.

Put your pearl jewelry on only after you put on the cosmetics and all other clothing and use perfume or hairspray. If you use cream, take your pearl jewelry of. After you wear them and before you put them in the jewelry box, wipe pearls clean with a soft cloth. It should be done for several reasons. One is that you remove the sweat that is acidic that may eat the nacre and cause it to fade. If you store your pearl jewelry pieces in a soft silk cloth, it's good. Pearls need some moisture to remain beautiful and airtight compartments are not the option.

Except the cleaning with the soft cloth, your pearl jewelry needs regular actual cleaning. When you clean pearl jewelry you should avoid ammonia and other heavy chemicals, heat and heavy detergents. Don't use ultrasonic cleaners- they can leave the pearl worthless bead and plain and wash out its color. Use only those cleaners that are specifically produced to clean pearls. Clean your beautiful pearl jewelry pieces in the mixture of a mild soap and water. Don't use scouring pads or toothbrushes that can be used with other gems! Soak the pearl jewelry in a soap solution for about a minute or gently scrub it with water and soap. If there is any type of gunk on pearl that hasn't been wiped of with a washcloth, try to remove it using only your fingernail. When pearl jewelry is clean, lay it on the towel and let the whole pieces completely dry.

Jewelry clasps might also need cleaning and if you decide to do it yourself, do it very carefully. Using the special jewelry cleaner, rinse the jewelry cleaning brush, then remove the chemicals from the clasp and let it dry.

Pearl jewelry can be used for many years and even the next generation may wear it if you properly care for pearls. To accomplish this tusk, clean, protect and store your pearl jewelry as required and with all your care and love.