Your Skin Tone and Your Perfect Jewelry

When we shop for jewelry, it's not always an easy thing to choose the right pieces. We may feel confused by the process of choice that is sometimes tricky. Here is some useful information for you that should help you in choosing your jewelry and we will base our choice on your face shape and skin tone.

Fist of all, you should determine your skin tone. You'll have o look at your wrist or other area on the body where the veins are visible. And the color of your veins will depict the category of your skin tone that can be warm or cool. Greenish colored veins identify warm skin tones. Looking in the mirror people with warm skin tones may notice golden-apricot or yellow undertones. Their eyes can be of any color and warm skin tone is common for people with red, strawberry blonde or orange natural hair color. People with brown hair with reddish tint also may have warm skin tone. Bluish colored veins identify cool skin tones. Rosy-red or pinkish undertones may be noticed by the people with cool skin tones in the mirror reflection. People with dark and tan skin as well as others mostly have cool skin tones.
Then depending on your skin tone, you should choose the metal and color. Warm skin tones favor yellow gold jewelry, brass jewelry, pewter and cooper jewelry. Platinum, sterling silver jewelry and white gold jewelry match cool skin tones. Warm skin tones favor golden and coral tones pearls; brown, yellow, green, orange and peach tones. Turquoise gold jewelry is perfect for people with warm skin tone. Pearl silver jewelry and diamond white gold jewelry is perfect for those with cool skin tones. Purple, blue and pink tones are also in favor.
Now consider the shape of the face. If you have square, triangular or round shaped face choose rectangular, oval shaped or teardrop earrings and the necklace that extends below the neckline to elongate your face. If your face has inverted triangle, diamond or heart shape, choose drop or dangle earrings and chokers. Women with oval shaped face should better choose not too long dangle earrings and the choice of necklaces depends on the length of the neck. If you have oblong or rectangular shaped face, choose round or short earrings and chokers.
Of course, there are exceptions of all the rules and you may have your own view of your perfect jewelry material and type. But the life has proved the described theory for many women.
Don't forget to plan the shopping within your budget. Sometimes it's even better to buy fake jewelry that looks great and nobody will tell it from real one. Keep your jewelry clean and store it according to the rules.