A Lariat Necklace- the Most Versatile and Universal Piece of Jewelry

Among variety of beautiful, modern jewelry it's not easy to make your choice. And here I'll tell you about the jewelry for your neck that will jazz up your wardrobe! This is a lariat necklace- a long chain wrapped around the neck twice or more times. It can be tied or knotted in different ways. A lariat necklace is a magnificent addition to a wardrobe of any woman because of its versatility and accommodation any type of neckline. This type of necklace can be made from glass, metal chains or wooden beads as well as many other materials. Jewelry designers often add leaf or flower charms to the end of a lariat necklace.

lariat necklaces
When you are going to wear a lariat necklace, you should decide whether you prefer a short or a long dangle. A sophisticated and elegant dangle is perfect for wear with formal outfits while a short dangle is better to wear in the office with more casual clothes such as a V-neck sweater or a blouse. There are various techniques used for knotting of a lariat necklace. If the necklace has a loop on the end, the piece will be well secured with a slip knot. If the material isn't too stiff, a quick knot (like the beginning of tying the shoes) is good. Overhand knot in the back or in the front is also quite popular with lariat necklaces. Wearing a lariat necklace as a belt is one of the most creative ways. You should drape the necklace around your waist and tie a knot one inch from the hipbone. This is a perfect way to add some charm and interest to a classical black dress, for example.
You will feel that you have made the right choice having at least one lariat necklace in your jewelry collection. You can make it look quite different matching the outfit when you want.