An Egyptian Collar- the Unique Gift

If you are searching for unique jewelry gift with rich history, Egyptian collar is the best choice! And here is some information about it, so you will be able to surprise your close one not only with the magnificent gift but with your knowledge as well.

An Egyptian collar is highly ornamental type of collars in the style worn in Egyp during the pharaonic era. It was the time from around 3000 BC to 300BC when the Romans conquered Egypt. Some examples of neckwear from this historical period are placed in museums. And modern Egyptian collars are usually worn as jewelry or with costumes.

Collar was used to dress up simple robes in Ancient Egypt and was made from tooled or stamped leather, metals, beaded materials or embroidered fabric. Separated from the garments on which they were worn, the collars looked more like modern necklaces. It's easy to distinguish an Egyptian collar from other neckwear- it is very broad and surrounds the whole neck covering much of the upper back, upper chest and the shoulders. They usually have highly symmetrical design with floral or geometric patterns.

Egyptian-style garments and jewelry went briefly into vogue in the 19th century and in 1920s fashion they appeared again. Many distinctive and beautiful jewelry pieces were created with the Egyptian collar design.

Nowadays Egyptian collars are designed an accented with beading, precious stones and similar ornamentation. Jewelry in Egyptian-style looks better on people with elongated and tall necks and is better worn on formal occasions. It's a good idea to tone down other garments and jewelry not to look gaudy wearing the collar.