Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercing is becoming more and more popular and most teens as well as adult people pierce various parts of their body. Of course, majority of piercing types look beautiful and attractive, but we shouldn't forget about one important thing- your piercing will look great only done by professional in trusted place or salon and if you would take proper aftercare. Each piercing type requires definite time to heal: it's 6 to 8 weeks for earlobe and eyebrow piercing, nasal septum piercing; 4 month to 1 year for ear cartilage and belly button piercing; 2 to 4 months for nostril piercing; 2 to 3 months for lip piercing; 3 to 6 months for nipple piercing, 4 to 10 weeks for female genital piercing and 4 to 6 months for make genitalia piercing; about 4 weeks for tongue piercing.

piercing process And if you are just going to pierce your body, you should check the piercer and the salon. Is the salon clean and sterile? Does it have a license? Does the stuff wear and change the gloves? Do they use sterile piercing needles? The place should be hygienic and you should feel comfortable there. The work area of the piercer should be well lightened and have enough space. The selection of jewelry in the studio should be wide. If you aren't sure, ask your friends whose piercing has well healed and looks nice about the salon they visited. Stainless steel piercing needles are better than piercing guns because the last is hardly sterilized.

If you have already done it or planning to, you should also know how to take proper care of your piercing. Professional piercer should give you the list of things you should and shouldn't do with your piercing but here is some information for you that may be useful. Aftercare is so important because nobody is sure to avoid infection even if the procedure was 100% sterile. The most susceptible to infection are piercings of nose, cartilage and upper ear. The tissue around the places may transmit bacteria and it may result in the infection.
With any piercing, you should wash your hands before you touch the body piercing jewelry as well as after it. Don't forget that the piercing is an open wound and you should treat it gently. If you have new belly button piercing, you need wearing low-rise jeans and skirts. Avoid the clothes that may chafe against your fresh piercing. For washing the piecing use antibacterial soap and sea salt and avoid rubbing alcohol. Keep in the starter jewelry until your piercing is completely healed. Stainless steel, gold and titanium piercing jewelry is easier for cleaning. And if you do everything you should and take proper care of your piercing, you may see pleasant results even sooner than expected.