Belly Button Piercing is for Every Woman who Really Wants It

All women want to be attractive and look sexy. Some of them want to show it only close people while others enjoy or have to showing it off. Body piercing is one of the modern ways to draw the attention to definite parts of the body and belly button piercing jewelry is the widest choice of confident and pretty women. It looks really amazing and makes men go crazy if everything is done in the right way. What exactly does it mean? Beautiful stunning belly with a sparkling jewelry in it is only one side of the piercing, but there are more things that should be taken into consideration but not thought of as restrictions for navel piercing.

First of all, it's clothing. If you used to wear tight things cutting across the waist, you'll have to change your style at least during healing period as high jeans and bands can easily cause irritation of the piercing. But is it the reason to give the idea of piercing up? We may cause irritation even wearing the right clothes just by accidental touch or movement.

It's written everywhere that belly piercing isn't recommended for the people who are too overweight because when they sit the navel is covered by skin and it can build up more sweat and suffocate the piercing. The ground for bacteria is bred and healing becomes more difficult. But it's not the reason to say no to the piercing if you really want it. There are many things not recommended for overweight people. And if they really wouldn't do everything from the list, what is left?

It's said that we shouldn't also forget about the activities and lifestyle. A lot of movement, twisting and bleeding in the area of the navel make healing more difficult. But any person can correct his lifestyle for several weeks and enjoy the piercing after it's healed. If you are active in sports, you just need to clean your navel immediately afterwards during healing time.

And, of course, personal hygiene is the thing to remember. We should spend about half an hour each day on cleaning and doing sea salt soaks during healing period and later on cleaning the piercing and the jewelry regularly. There are trusted and working piercing aftercare solutions to save your time.

We see that belly button piercing is for every person who really wants it and the only thing is that the type of navel piercing may differ depending on the individual anatomy.

Curved barbell no less than 14ga is recommended starter jewelry for belly button piercing. And when your piercing is healed and it's real time to change the jewelry, you may enjoy wearing gold belly button rings, dangling navel rings in silver, colorful acrylic barbells and other attractive and stylish jewelry. For the lovers of gemstone jewelry, there is a wide choice of diamond belly button rings in variety of designs, shapes and colors.

Be yourself and enjoy the piercing of your belly choosing high quality and beautiful jewelry!