More haste, less speed!

You feel constant stress? You're tired every day and this feeling doesn't go away even at weekends? Your everyday routine is: getting up, going to work, coming back, a little of TV and sleeping - nothing more? It's high time to stop this vicious circle and to change your life not radically, but just a little bit in order to feel better and more relaxed. Just imagine: you get up in the morning and nothing aches you, you have a clear mind and you are happy with the forthcoming day! It's a reality - you need to spend only a little effort. So, let's get started and learn what you need for this.
You should remember three pillars: exercising, healthy eating, and your inner condition (mind and soul). If you are not ready to change your life radically, you can choose only one thing from the list and then, if you feel that you have a desire to move further, add the next step.
Exercising is available to everyone nowadays: sport gyms, various shaping/yoga/pilates/etc. clubs, swimming pools and now for those who are constantly busy and who simply have no energy to go to the swimming pool after work, you can even create your own home gyms! The most popular fitness body equipment with not professional sportsmen, but those people who want to lose weight and to stay fit, is cardio equipment. You should remember that regular cardio trainings kill calories and that means - no fat, where you don't want to have it! Everyone knows exercise bikes and treadmills, but few know that this is cardio fitness equipment. You should follow several simple rules while training with all kinds of equipment in order not to get up in the morning and not to be able to use your legs, because the evening before you had over trained yourself. So, if we take exercise bikes, for instance, don't plunge into riding it during hours! For a start 5 minutes will be enough for you (you can do 5 minutes 3 times a day - that is wise, not 15 min. once a day) and for your leg muscles, or the next day you will have problems with walking! In the end up to hour training on a bike not for professional sportsmen is enough to keep good cardio shape and to have slim body. The same story with treadmills. It's advisable to start with walking at a speed of about 2-5 km/h. Then you can do something more challenging for yourself, but remember that in order not to harm yourself, don't set impossible goals. Don't take breakneck speed at once! Move to your goal slowly. Remember: slow but steady wins the race! So, whatever you choose: staiclimbers, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, treadmills or exercise bikes (all these are cardio equipment), there mustn't be any rush! No one is standing behind your back - you do this for your pleasure and health! Exercise wisely.
As for healthy eating - the idea is the same. Enough is as good as a feast. Remember the proverb: An apple a day keeps the doctor away? So remember that fruit and vegetables are good for you and fatty foods (such as crisps and chips) along with salty and spicy products are only allowed in very small portions and not very often. And it doesn't matter whether you take any fat burners or not - you can't eat rolls and buns for breakfast and lunch and for dinner - doughnuts - in this way it won't have a proper effect.
Your inner condition is important too. Try to leave all your ideas about work at work. Don't take work stress home. Try to find time for yourself and your family. Try having dinner with your family at least once a week. Talk to your friends, parents, and family members. Value time.
We live only once, our lives are not rehearsals - don't forget it. Live NOW!