How to Drop 5 Pounds in 7 Days

If you want to drop 5 pounds in seven days, here is a fat-torching plan which will help you manage the task without cutting out entire food groups, starving and supplements. Specific techniques combined with small sacrifice will really make you drop about 5 pounds in a week.
You just have to choose at least four expert-backed tips and follow them for one week. If you have much excess weight, you are likely to lose more than 5 pounds. And you will surely feel lighter and better.

  1. Cardio kickboxing, spinning and boot-camp workouts will help you to torch 200 to 300 calories for half an hour. Your legs, arms and everything will appear tighter and sleeker. Though any workout getting the heart rate up burns the calories, picking a cardio routine which engages multiple muscles at the same time burns even more calories. So, do cardio for half an hour a day!
  2. Each serving of fruit smoothie, energy drink or beer contains about 100 calories. And other liquids containing much carbohydrates and sodium trick your body and puff you out. Water has no or little sodium and zero calories. It jump-starts your metabolism, helps flush out excess water weight and is a perfect slim-down drink. You can add mint leaves or lemon wedges if pure water is too boring for you. So, drink mainly water!
  3. You can subtract one to several hundred calories cutting out one indulgence from your diet. It may be chocolate or the chips you eat after dinner. So, sacrifice one food.
  4. To energize your workout and burn more calories, drink a cup of black coffee before your training. You won't push yourself harder though will lose more calories. So, drink coffee an hour before your workout.
  5. To sport more streamlines appearance and sculpt muscle, do three sets of 12 of push-ups and lunges every day. Lunges will work out your hips, butt and thighs, while push-ups target your upper body. During your push-ups your legs and back should remain in a straight line. So, do 36 lunges and push-ups every other day.
  6. Whether you sleep 6 hours to 8, you can refresh yourself enough to feel better with the help of 30 minutes extra sleep. You won't skip the gym and feel lethargic. This extra sleep equals better muscle tone. So, sleep half an hour more a night.
  7. The position of you on top is a fat blaster. The more active you are, the more calories your burn when you do the rocking on top. You burn up to 140 calories for half an hour. Sex pumps levels of endorphins, feel-good neurotransmitters, and your food cravings are ridden out. So, have You-on-Top sex.
  8. To slim you down, cut out rice, sandwich rolls, spaghetti and other white grain products. They cause bloating and the first place to bloat is around your belly. Substitute them with vegetables. Vegetables will also help flush out excess water weight because they are mostly water. So, ban pasta and white bread.
  9. To get more streamlined middle, keep your shoulders back and your spine rigid while sucking in your belly towards your spine. So, stand up straight.
  10. Turn slightly sideways from the camera with one foot in front of the other holding your arms away from the body and pushing your chin forward. So, avoid adding pounds because of the camera.
  11. Salmon is packed with nutrients that give the skin a healthy glow and build muscle tone. Even a portion of salmon may immediately contour your face a bit. So, eat salmon for lunch.
  12. To add definition to muscle, to tighten your butt, legs and abs, do three sets of 12 sit-ups and squats.

Working at least four of these tips in your schedule for a week, you will drop at least 5 pounds without too much suffering and changing of your lifestyle. I have tried it twice dropping 7 pounds each time to make my belly perfect for belly button piercing and I'm satisfied. I look great and wear the belly button rings I want showing off my sexy belly. Try it and you'll see the result just in seven days!