Detox Marijuana

Need to know how to get marijuana out of your system? Keep reading and you'll find out some useful and interesting facts and the answer to your question.

There are such jobs and situations in life that we may not even expect, where and when we have to pass drug tests. There are various types of drug testing and urine tests are the most common. Saliva tests are also widely used. And blood and hair tests are really accurate but they take more time and are more expensive. If you use marijuana and don't really know when exactly you may face the drug test, you should be better prepared for it beforehand and have the trusted detox at hand.
Marijuana stays in our system and can be detected depending on the regularity of usage. After 1 time use, marijuana detection time is 5-8 days. 11-18 days is the detection time of usage at 2-4 times in a month. Marijuana used at 2-4 times per week stays in the system for 23-35 days. 33-48 days is the detection time for those using 5-6 times per week and if you use daily, marijuana detection time will be 49-63 days. Though the half life of THC is 10 days, the metabolism and other individual characteristics (fluid intake, method of usage, tolerance, drug potency, body type and exercise frequency) influence the detection time.
So, your urine may be clean of metabolism even in a week or less, if you use rarely and of course, the detection time is longest and the chance of passing seems smaller if you are a chronic user.

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If you need to purify saliva, blood and urinary tract from such toxins as marijuana, THC, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, amphetamines and others, you can do it in a week. There is special 7 day detox program that will cleanse the system in a week. People with large body mass should better take the program twice back-to-back. There is usually a fast solution in detox for marijuana. Such program as 7 days detox contain only natural ingredients such as burdock, red root, Vitamin B2 and B-12, milk thistle extract, guarana extract, green tea, peppermint, etc.
Before you pass a real drug test controlled by somebody, you'd better check yourself. Get weed out of your system with special detox program and see if you pass the drug test.
It depends on the type of drug test you'll pass but there is no much difference between detox programs. Just follow the instruction and be ready!