The power of chakra spiritual jewelry. How to be healthy

Chakra points of our body

There are several schools according to which our body has from seven to eight chakras. Tantric school finds eight chakra points in human body while Hindu name only seven chakras. They are:

  1. The top of the head (Sahasrara chakra)
  2. The center of the forehead (Bindu chakra)
  3. Eyebrow area (Ajna chakra)
  4. Neck or throat (Vishuddha chakra)
  5. Heart area (Anahata chakra)
  6. Navel (Manipura chakra)
  7. Genital area (Muladhara chakra)
  8. Tailbone (Swadhisthana chakra)

To be healthy and energetic and always feel comfortable all chakra zones from tailbone to the crown chakra should be open. The blockage of chakras leads to pains and stresses. Memory problems, headaches and nightmares can be a result of the crown chakra's blockage. If one's navel chakra point is blocked one could have problems with stomach and liver. Depression is a characteristic of those with closed heart chakra and the blocked throat area can cause flu, increase cold catching and sore throat.

The way jewelry helps

You can work on your chakras during meditation as well as during the night and day. All you need is to wear a proper jewelry on the special zones and it will cause healing processes opening and improving your body's chakras. You can choose gold pendants, white gold earrings, gold belly button rings and toe ringsdecorated with stones having spiritual healing power. There are crystals and stones considered chakra stones responsible for the proper chakra zone.

body chakra

The birthstone jewelry for your chakras

Here is the list of recommended gold jewelry for the body's chakra points.
Toe rings and anklets with carnelian and black onyx- tailbone;
Female piercing rings and finger rings with red jasper or carnelian- genital area;
Navel rings and belly barbells with citrine - navel;
Pendants and brooches with green aventurine or rose quartz- heart area;
Pendant chains and necklaces with indigo and blue agate- throat;
Earrings with sodalite and amethyst- eyebrow and crown areas.

Choosing the gemstone jewelry by color

There is also a popular theory of gemstone healing power depending on its color. Definite color opens the flow of energy and clears the definite chakra zone.
Red, black and brown stones should be worn in the tailbone area, orange and red stones in genital zone, yellow stone for belly, green and pink stones for heart area, blue stones for throat, purple stone for eyebrows and white, or colorless stones for forehead.

The reaction of the body on stones

Of course there are examples when mentioned above jewelry doesn't suit a person and the body reacts negatively on definite stone. You should test the reaction of your body's zones on various stones step by step and if the gemstone jewelry brings worn on definite chakra area brings you negative emotions and you feel uncomfortable you should try this stone for the other chakra points. And only when you feel the flow of energy wearing definite jewelry with suitable stone you can choose it for cleansing and healing of this area.

Jewelry not only helps us look better and elegant it also could play a great role in our health improving bringing us positive emotions, additional energy and self-confidence. You can choose your amazing and having spiritual power gemstone jewelry - the place of exquisite high quality jewelry for the whole family.