Home water test kits

Home water test kits are necessary to determine the quality of the water we use for cooking, bathing and drinking. We may do water test before we buy definite water filter and in this case it will save lots of money and will help to find the perfect and the most affective filtration system for the water that is running in our homes. Water test kits can also be done if we have a water filter and want to make sure it is effective and we get clean.
Home water test kit

Sport water bottles with filter

Innova have been providing customers with more comfortable outdoor and sport bottles with filters. Now it's the parent company of the most popular and respected brands in the industry. Most outdoor activities require water supply at least for drinking and Innova offer a wide choice not only of safe, reusable and Sport water bottles and microfilters, but water tests to determine the quality of water and to identify harmful contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, lead, zinc, iron and others.

The power of chakra spiritual jewelry. How to be healthy

Chakra points of our body There are several schools according to which our body has from seven to eight chakras. Tantric school finds eight chakra points in human body while Hindu name only seven chakras. They are:
The top of the head (Sahasrara chakra)
The center of the forehead (Bindu chakra)
Eyebrow area (Ajna chakra)
Neck or throat (Vishuddha chakra)
Heart area (Anahata chakra)
Navel (Manipura chakra)
Genital area (Muladhara chakra)
Tailbone (Swadhisthana chakra)
body chakra

Megadrine fat burner

Losing weight:How to lose weight? How to get rid of unwanted pounds? How to get slimmer? You constantly hear all these questions today! You may constantly think over these questions yourself and you might have already tried many different ways, but failed. You might even have already given up this idea, having hit a dead end, but wait a minute and pay attention to one more way of losing weight - this time it will be your last and 100% successful attempt.

More haste, less speed!

ou feel constant stress? You're tired every day and this feeling doesn't go away even at weekends? Your everyday routine is: getting up, going to work, coming back, a little of TV and sleeping - nothing more? It's high time to stop this vicious circle and to change your life not radically, but just a little bit in order to feel better and more relaxed. Just imagine: you get up in the morning and nothing aches you, you have a clear mind and you are happy with the forthcoming day! It's a reality - you need to spend only a little effort. So, let's get started and learn what you need for this.


Excusive collection of charms is waiting for you! Charms will make any chain gorgeous and they can also be worn on bracelets and pins. We offer you to take a look at the widest choice of elegant charms in magnificent gold and silver. Charms and pendants are available in variety of designs, styles, sizes and shapes. Unique fancy charms, chic diamond pendants, sparkling CZ charms and classical plain charms


Magnificent collection of bracelets is waiting for you! Bracelets have been worn by women for thousands of years and in different cultures they have the definite symbolism. Nowadays bracelet is a gorgeous decoration which shows the beauty of women's hands. Take a look at the widest choice of elegant and up-to-date bracelets in high quality silver and gold of different colors. Reviewed bracelets are durable and their exquisite beauty will win any heart.

Flesh tunnels

Enjoy this collection of unique tunnels! Large gauge piercing requires specific jewelry and in our collection you'll find stylish and durable flesh tunnels at the lowest prices available. Extreme and unusual style of our tunnels proved to be very popular. We offer you to take a look at high quality flesh tunnels in organic materials, acrylic, titanium and gold. Various gauge sizes are to your disposal. Modern and comfortable tunnels will complete any outlook and will add you a hint of mystery.

large earrings for earlobe

Solid gold piercing jewelry

Enjoy this collection of beautiful solid gold piercing jewelry! Gold has always been a metal of kings and queens, noble men and the rich of the world. Nowadays gold jewelry is available to everyone and we offer you a wide choice of gold piercing jewelry in various designs and gauge sizes. Solid gold piercing jewelry can have completely different outlook depending on its design and shape.

14k gold piercing jewelry
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