If You Were Born in November

The planet Pluto governs the month of November and the sign of Scorpio. If you were born in the last month of autumn you have a powerful will and you are attracted to politics, metaphysics, the medical professions, the police force and everything unknown. You are mystic, secretive and private. You are well advised to avoid stinging your life with your own dart unless you are aware of your innate powers. The elements of pure sensuality and reincarnation, the death and life are carried in your soul.

If You Were Born in October

The planet Venus governs the month of October and the sign of Libra. If you were born in October you must create harmony in all areas of your life and have a strong desire for justice. In Divine Astrology you are classified as the "Peacemaker". Your gentle personality, natural "savior faire" and sense of diplomacy will help you succeed in your career. Try to avoid prolonged indecision. Learn decision making and stand for yourself by following your accurate intuitions as well as your rational mind.

Beautiful Pearl Jewelry Cleaning and Care

Pearl jewelry is one of the most elegant and beautiful in the world and pearls have been closed to humility, harmony and purity which are associated with marriage. White, pink or cream pearl earrings and necklace are standard jewelry for weddings. If you love high quality pearl jewelry and have several pieces of it in your jewelry collection.

Belly Button Piercing is for Every Woman who Really Wants It

All women want to be attractive and look sexy. Some of them want to show it only close people while others enjoy or have to showing it off. Body piercing is one of the modern ways to draw the attention to definite parts of the body and belly button piercing jewelry is the widest choice of confident and pretty women. It looks really amazing and makes men go crazy if everything is done in the right way.

Popular Jewelry Trends for 2012

2012 is already here! Which jewelry designs will be popular in 2012? Many fashionable persons and jewelry designers have their opinions on this point. Let's make the forecast for jewelry of 2012.
The animal and plant theme will still be actual trend. People like such jewelry designs because they feel close to nature. It came into vogue several years ago and this trend will continue this year.
fashion gem rings

How to Drop 5 Pounds in 7 Days

If you want to drop 5 pounds in seven days, here is a fat-torching plan which will help you manage the task without cutting out entire food groups, starving and supplements. Specific techniques combined with small sacrifice will really make you drop about 5 pounds in a week.

Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercing is becoming more and more popular and most teens as well as adult people pierce various parts of their body. Of course, majority of piercing types look beautiful and attractive, but we shouldn't forget about one important thing- your piercing will look great only done by professional in trusted place or salon and if you would take proper aftercare. Each piercing type requires definite time to heal: it's 6 to 8 weeks for earlobe and eyebrow piercing, nasal septum piercing; 4 month to 1 year for ear cartilage and belly button piercing ..
piercing process

Detox Marijuana

Need to know how to get marijuana out of your system? Keep reading and you'll find out some useful and interesting facts and the answer to your question. There are such jobs and situations in life that we may not even expect, where and when we have to pass drug tests. There are various types of drug testing and urine tests are the most common. Saliva tests are also widely used. And blood and hair tests are really accurate but they take more time and are more expensive.
detoxok 7days detox system weed thc marijuana

Body Piercing Jewelry Materials

Body piercing jewelry is made from various materials nowadays and the choice is really huge. Organics, glass, plastics and metals are available and some of them come in different qualities and grades. And the choice of jewelry also brings about the subject of safety and health. Some materials are recommended for short-term wear or old piercings while others are conductive for new piercings. Let's discuss the most popular piercing jewelry materials. If speaking about metal, the amount of nickel determines the allergen risk.

Reverse Osmosis filters

Easy to install and maintain RO filters are used at home as well as at offices and in commercial manufacture. Reverse Osmosis filters will provide you with clear, clean, smooth and tasty water and help to save lots of money. Economic, convenient, durable and effective in removing and reducing bad odors, contaminants and bacteria from the drinking and cooking water Reverse Osmosis systems are available at the most affordable prices.
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