Your Essential Total Wellness

If you feel like staying perfectly fit and keep your body sound in our super fast world, you only need to follow some healthy tips which will lead you to total wellness. Practicing some daily routines with the help of smart inventions and treating yourself right is going to be just what you need. Come to discover useful tips for life full of vital energy. Find out the ways to stay strong and optimistic throughout daily stressing factors. Be healthy and stay strong.

If You Were Born in September

The planet Mercury governs the month of September and the sign of Virgo. If you were born in September you are very critical, intellectual and picky and you tend to work hard. You are likely to become a great writer or a speaker because you are a master of communication. You have a talent to combine intuition and logic in dealing with life. The fields of law, medicine, writing, teaching, office work and designing are open to you.

If You Were Born in August

The Sun governs the month of August and the sign of Leo. If you were born in August, you are classified as "The Life Giver" due to the life force energy of the Sun. You have all chances to reach power, fortune and fame during your life. Arts, medicine, public life, management, research and other works that can make you shine attract you. You have great potential to promote and bring life to everything you touch. You are strongly motivated and fixed by the will to succeed.

Back to Basics with Organic Piercing

Primary aims of piercing are to grant individuality and highlight life attitude of a person. So the majority of piercing-lovers are pretty picky when it comes to choosing jewelry to insert in their ears. It should be healthy, look good and reflect the attitude of its owner. That's why so many people choose organic tusks, plugs and flesh tunnels made of wood, mammoth bone and buffalo horn. They look natural, have smooth texture and are quite lightweight. Such jewelry needs special care, but as a reward it's going to grant you a unique image which will have all the eyes set on you.
wood large earlobe plugs tapers
buffalo big earlobe plugs tapers

If You Were Born in July

The moon rules the month July and the sign of Cancer. So, if you were born in July you are strongly affected by the Moon and family is always one of the most important things in your life. People born in July are gifted with food and real estate. Children of July have strong managerial gifts and a solid sense of organization. They are quite critical and perfectionists.
If you were born in July you perform well in position of management or power. You may worry too much about the health and may even become a vegetarian. Green color and plants appeal to you. Financial security is important to you. You have a natural zest to teach children and they love you.

A Lariat Necklace- the Most Versatile and Universal Piece of Jewelry

Among variety of beautiful, modern jewelry it's not easy to make your choice. And here I'll tell you about the jewelry for your neck that will jazz up your wardrobe! This is a lariat necklace- a long chain wrapped around the neck twice or more times. It can be tied or knotted in different ways. A lariat necklace is a magnificent addition to a wardrobe of any woman because of its versatility and accommodation any type of neckline. This type of necklace can be made from glass, metal chains or wooden beads as well as many other materials. Jewelry designers often add leaf or flower charms to the end of a lariat necklace.
lariat necklaces

If You Were Born in June

The planet Mercury rules the month June and the sigh of Gemini. If you were born in June you are adaptable, intellectual and nervous. In Greek mythology you are classified as "The Messenger of the Gods" due to your strong desire to communicate. You have a quicksilver mind and a double personality, so you easily adapt to almost any situation.
People born in June have the potential to produce interesting books and to become an efficient speaker. They are gifted communicator and enjoy the work connected with language, sales, radio, moves, photography and other types of public relations. But if you were born in June you'd better learn to crystallize and focus your powerful mind. Because of dual characteristics of June people they can be unreliable and volatile persons.

If You Were Born in April

The planet Mars controls the month of April. In Greek mythology Mars is called "The Lord of War" and people born in April have inborn impatience. If you are a child of April, you'll learn by your mistakes. You should avoid hasty decisions and your impatient and strong desire to succeed must be controlled. You are a leader and others perceive you as a motivated and competitive person. You'd better learn diplomacy, steadiness and organization. You possess no grace and charm when confronted.
Men born in April are interested in engineering, sports, military and speed. Women as well as men of April talk much and should learn to control impatience and listen to others. It's important to learn to focus on the needs steadily and finish the started things.

A Nail Piercing- High Style with No Pain

nail piercing
There are different types of piercing of various body parts and a nail piercing is the easiest and the less painful type of all imaginable piercings. It's better to do nail piercing on artificial nails because they are much stronger than natural nails and to avoid performing piercing yourself. Though it is simple, a nail piercing as well as any other piercing should be done by a professional piercer.

If You Were Born in May

The planet Venus governs the month of May. People born in May are perceived as practical, beautiful and somehow stubborn. They have true love and stability to offer to others and are the moneymaking sign of the Zodiac.
If you are born in May you need to control your authoritarian attitudes, your insecurity and jealousy. You are attracted to real estate, banking, the arts, radio, television, aeronautics, computers and others and strive for organization. Being dominant and strong, you have inherited a tremendous common sense, a powerful will and a deep intuition. Avoid destructive thoughts pertaining stubbornness, jealousy and insecurity.
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