If You Were Born in September

The planet Mercury governs the month of September and the sign of Virgo. If you were born in September you are very critical, intellectual and picky and you tend to work hard. You are likely to become a great writer or a speaker because you are a master of communication. You have a talent to combine intuition and logic in dealing with life. The fields of law, medicine, writing, teaching, office work and designing are open to you. An overly concerned attitude with trivial matters and sarcasm are your downfalls. Some young people born in September may be overwhelmed with health matters and turn themselves into health lunatics. They may succumb to alcohol abuse and chemical drug and may even refuse to work.
Your powerful investigative mind could lead to chemicals, science, radio, research, newspaper reporting, television, the law and computer programming. Some advanced persons born in September may become masters in communication and great mental leaders.
Sinus and eye problems, head injury and headaches are possible and you should be aware of the environment in public places. Keep away for narcotics and alcohol because you prone to poisoning. Over-indulgence may cause as many problems as too restrictive diets. Your metabolism and body are well equipped to deal with all types of food. Walking barefoot on the grass will bring you relief from migraines and headaches if you suffer any. During and after the Full Moon you'd better not take chances as you are accident prone to violent death and head trauma.
The main birthstones of September are sapphire, moonstone, agate, peridot, zircon and sardonyx. The others are jade, citrine, jasper, carnelian, lapis lazuli and opal.