If You Were Born in October

The planet Venus governs the month of October and the sign of Libra. If you were born in October you must create harmony in all areas of your life and have a strong desire for justice. In Divine Astrology you are classified as the "Peacemaker". Your gentle personality, natural "savior faire" and sense of diplomacy will help you succeed in your career. Try to avoid prolonged indecision. Learn decision making and stand for yourself by following your accurate intuitions as well as your rational mind.
Possessing a strong psychological aptitude you will do well in food industry, interior design, real estate, the arts and marriage counseling. You'd better use your practical and intuitive minds as well as inner stamina, to focus on what you need first.
Being gentle personalities people born in October are attracted to competitive people. The assertive and abrupt manner and rough behavior of business partners can easily offend them. They expect diplomacy from business partners as well as from a lover and a friend. And if you are such person, don't take remarks too personally. You enjoy the company of business-oriented partners and you love a good home.
A better awareness of the laws can be reached using traditional and untraditional means of education. You may travel far in search of the truth and you may be great teacher and philosopher.
The main birthstones of October are tourmaline, opal, aquamarine, beryl, coral and jasper. The others are sapphire, topaz, peridot, ruby, agate, amethyst.