If You Were Born in November

The planet Pluto governs the month of November and the sign of Scorpio. If you were born in the last month of autumn you have a powerful will and you are attracted to politics, metaphysics, the medical professions, the police force and everything unknown. You are mystic, secretive and private. You are well advised to avoid stinging your life with your own dart unless you are aware of your innate powers. The elements of pure sensuality and reincarnation, the death and life are carried in your soul.
Young people born in November may experience despair, imprisonment and drama during their life. But these destructive energies of Pluto can be directed positively and they'll accomplish tremendous results.
The absolute power of destruction and creation including sex are rules by your planet. Using your inborn mystical gifts you will succeed where others fail. You were born with an acute intuition and a practical mind and you are dominant, strong and private. If you constructively direct and control your deep emotions, you'll succeed.
Women born in November are classic, sensual, reserved, intellectual, very magnetic and reserved. They use their physical beauty and inner sexual power to reach their goals.
The main birthstones of November are citrine, topaz and pearl. The others are aquamarine, beryl, ruby, garnet, sapphire, amethyst and turquoise.