If You Were Born in May

The planet Venus governs the month of May. People born in May are perceived as practical, beautiful and somehow stubborn. They have true love and stability to offer to others and are the moneymaking sign of the Zodiac.
If you are born in May you need to control your authoritarian attitudes, your insecurity and jealousy. You are attracted to real estate, banking, the arts, radio, television, aeronautics, computers and others and strive for organization. Being dominant and strong, you have inherited a tremendous common sense, a powerful will and a deep intuition. Avoid destructive thoughts pertaining stubbornness, jealousy and insecurity.
If you learn to channel constructive powers towards diplomacy, creativity and love, you will succeed in all your goals. Your spiritual growth mustn't be interfered with your down-to-earth approach to life.
You inherited a beautiful nobility of purpose and will courageously handle the life's difficulties. Female persons born in May are classic, sensitive, beautiful, magnetic and intellectual and are able to combine the sensual magnetism and beauty to achieve their goals. It's important for them to marry someone well respected and well groomed.
Food is often on the mind of people born in May and they better not to eat when upset.
The main birthstones of May are sapphire, emerald, carnelian and agate. The others are coral, white sapphire, amber, aventurine, rose quartz, pearl and citrine.