If You Were Born in March

The planet Neptune governs the month of March. If you are born in March you are a natural philosopher, a perfectionist and a teacher. Dealing with life you exercise more perception than logic and you have phenomenal intuition. You enjoy holistic endeavors and are gifted artist. You can also be involved in the medical profession. Your artistic values, sensitivity and creativity are highly valued and young people born in March may work in the construction fields as well. For example, such great people as George Washington and Michelangelo were born in March.
If to speak about the downfalls of people born in March, we should mention over preoccupation with other people, blind acceptance of religious dogmas and guilt feelings. But their heart is good and some highly evolved people of March will lead lost souls out of the troubles to the true love and consciousness.
If you are born in March you have a potential to reach fame, fortune and immortality through spiritual and artistic work. It's important for you to walk barefoot on the grass. You need it to regenerate the body through the fields of the earth. When you confront with serious decisions your remarkable intuition will help you.
The main birthstones for March are opal, aquamarine, jade, bloodstone and jasper. The others are amethyst, ruby, sapphire, topaz and diamond.