If You Were Born in June

The planet Mercury rules the month June and the sigh of Gemini. If you were born in June you are adaptable, intellectual and nervous. In Greek mythology you are classified as "The Messenger of the Gods" due to your strong desire to communicate. You have a quicksilver mind and a double personality, so you easily adapt to almost any situation.
People born in June have the potential to produce interesting books and to become an efficient speaker. They are gifted communicator and enjoy the work connected with language, sales, radio, moves, photography and other types of public relations. But if you were born in June you'd better learn to crystallize and focus your powerful mind. Because of dual characteristics of June people they can be unreliable and volatile persons.
Food and estate industries may be attractive to you due to the strong desire of security. Your financial potential is unlimited. Mental curiosity, impatience, short attention span and nervousness are your other characteristics. Always questioning and curious by nature you need your mind always be stimulated and boredom is your enemy. And, by the way, you are a good joke teller.
The main birthstones of June are agate, pearl, moonstone, chalcedony and alexandrite. The others are emerald, ruby, white sapphire, citrine and tiger's eye.