If You Were Born in July

The moon rules the month July and the sign of Cancer. So, if you were born in July you are strongly affected by the Moon and family is always one of the most important things in your life. People born in July are gifted with food and real estate. Children of July have strong managerial gifts and a solid sense of organization. They are quite critical and perfectionists.
If you were born in July you perform well in position of management or power. You may worry too much about the health and may even become a vegetarian. Green color and plants appeal to you. Financial security is important to you. You have a natural zest to teach children and they love you.
Love, steadiness, charm, warmth and organization belong to you and you'd better keep control over your powerful imagination and avoid depressing thoughts of the past. You can channel them positively with singing, music and other arts.
Successful people attract you and you may marry rich. People admire and love you for your natural tendency to smother friends and family members. But you should learn to participate with outside life a little more, to let go of the wrong people and adopt positive spiritual attitude towards your and your loved one's health.
The main birthstones of July are ruby, onyx, sapphire, carnelian and sardonyx. The others are emerald, pearl, moonstone, tourmaline and diamond.