If You Were Born in January

Saturn controls the month of January and rules the sign of Capricorn. If you are born in January you are strongly motivated to gain a position of power and succeed in your life. You strive for accomplishment in your career and respect. People born in January possess strong organizational principles and are gifted with computers. They have power over the universal mind and should avoid nurturing depressing thoughts. People born when nature was asleep, in the middle of winter have strength to climb towards the top of the mountain against all odds. They will be rewarded by Saturn with a well-dressed position and a long life. Solid financial security is for you. Your career success and mood are strongly affected by the moon.
Organization, steadiness, charm and patience belong to the people born in January. Their keen sense of observation will help succeed in life. They also have a strong mathematical or architectural ability.
January people re successful and may marry into wealth. They are protective and responsible of the family circle, sensitive and emotional. The challenge of people born in January is to open up to the spirit's intangible world and its universal rules. They are adept with investments and good homemakers.
The main birthstones for January are garnet and emerald. And there are some more including agate, ruby, opal, turquoise, jasper and amethyst.