If You Were Born in February

The planet Uranus governs the month of February and rules the sign of Aquarius. People born in February are the most original. Great inventors and eccentric people were born in February. The old science of astrology and all celestial knowledge are commanded by Uranus. If you are born in February you are blessed with curious stars. You are attracted to research, science, psychology, electronics, astropsychology and the police force. Advanced computers, the Internet, avionics, aeronautics and television are also ruled by Uranus and Aquarius. If you service the world in an original and advanced way, the option to reach fortune and fame is high probability.
You are fixed and strong and you have tremendous common sense, accurate intuition, powerful will and ingeniousness. But you should also learn to participate in conversations equally listening to others. Try not to race ahead with only your thoughts.
People born in February should learn to direct innovative mental power for the well-being and improvement of the world in positive direction. If you act without forethought and eccentric, it can be a downfall for you. If you are born in February you can use celestial knowledge to your benefit and handle the difficulties with a smile. Women of February are independent, intellectual, original and beautiful and often reach their purposes using their magnetic sexuality. They also produce extremely intelligent children (often twins). It is believed that people born in February have overly sensitive stomachs and it's not recommended them to eat when upset.
The main birthstones for February are bloodstone and amethyst. The others are garnet, jasper, jade, ruby, turquoise and sapphire.