If You Were Born in December

The planet Jupiter governs the month of December and the sign of Sagittarius. If you are born in the first month of winter you are classified as "Truth Seeker" and are a natural teacher and philosopher. You do well in teaching and learning aeronautics, religion, computers, radio, communications, language and law. Animals, holistic healing, the world of sports and the Indians attract you. You have a strong desire to travel to foreign lands.
If you were born in December you will try to promote a form of organization and purity in life. You may be extremely organized and quite well in office work. You can keep up with people willing to discuss philosophy and knowledge due to your quick mind. You'd better focus on the chosen goals and realize the importance of education.
You will receive many blessings of Jupiter in your life. You have the potential to produce interesting books if you work with steadiness and discipline. Young people born in December may be too concerned with finances and they need to give as well as receive.
The main birthstones of December are blue topaz, tanzanite, lapis, ruby, zircon and onyx. The others are garnet, agate, beryl, amethyst and sapphire.