If You Were Born in August

The Sun governs the month of August and the sign of Leo. If you were born in August, you are classified as "The Life Giver" due to the life force energy of the Sun. You have all chances to reach power, fortune and fame during your life. Arts, medicine, public life, management, research and other works that can make you shine attract you. You have great potential to promote and bring life to everything you touch. You are strongly motivated and fixed by the will to succeed.
You are dominant and strong and have a formidable desire to rule and organize others. But remember that other may teach you the lesson of humility if you become too overbearing. The enemies of success are unfettered pride and destructive outburst of emotions. If you diligently work towards respect and a better understanding of others, you'll succeed. And great spiritual values and nobility of purpose you possess will help you handle all the difficulties.
Women born in August are magnetic, stunning and intellectual and have enthusiastic solar power that attracts others. They are dedicated and protective mothers.
If you were born in August you tend to love animals, especially horses; you have a robust body and a strong mind but you should use moderation and precaution when jogging or running.
The main birthstones of August are peridot, diamond, sardonyx, ruby, sapphire and carnelian. The others are tourmaline, citrine, onyx, jade and jasper.