If You Were Born in April

The planet Mars controls the month of April. In Greek mythology Mars is called "The Lord of War" and people born in April have inborn impatience. If you are a child of April, you'll learn by your mistakes. You should avoid hasty decisions and your impatient and strong desire to succeed must be controlled. You are a leader and others perceive you as a motivated and competitive person. You'd better learn diplomacy, steadiness and organization. You possess no grace and charm when confronted.
Men born in April are interested in engineering, sports, military and speed. Women as well as men of April talk much and should learn to control impatience and listen to others. It's important to learn to focus on the needs steadily and finish the started things.
Inborn inferiority complex and fear of rejection generate the explosive temper of people born in April. They have "childlike" attitude and don't take opposition or rejection personally.
If you are born in April you are responsible with your family and love your home. You easily get bored and prefer to be where the action is. Dealing with corporate money and others you must assume a diplomatic attitude.
The main birthstones for April are diamond, sapphire and opal. The others are topaz, emerald, garnet, coral and amber.
Diamond is the best choice for people born in April. It enhances love and trust and symbolizes everlasting love and enduring relationship. It is the first choice for engagement ring and it's also the anniversary gem for 60th and 10th years of marriage.