Shopping for Topaz Jewelry

Shopping for high quality gemstone jewelry, you'd better pay attention to topaz jewelry because this magnificent stone with long and interesting history possesses many good qualities.
Topaz which is colorless being pure and has typical yellow hue due to additions of mineral is often amber in color and degrees of yellow vary to more greenish or brown. The Imperial topaz (brown with pearl undertones) is the most desirable among all topaz stones. When irradiated, topaz becomes blue. And pink to red topaz is the result of exposal to heat. Topaz which is irradiated first and then coated with chemicals to cause a multi-color affect is called Mystic Fire topaz.

topaz ring earrings
Topaz was available throughout Africa and Europe and was prized by ancient civilizations. There was a tradition among Ancient Greeks to use the name topaz for most yellow stones, either they were topaz or citrine, and that tradition stopped only when the stones were properly classified about 100 years ago. In ancient Egypt the color of topaz was believed to have come in its natural form directly from Ra, the Sun God. It was said to protect the wearer from evil spirits and bring him keen sight. People wore topaz to promote serene mind and good health.
Topaz is excellent for everyday ear because it retains a harness of approximately 8 on the Mohs scale even if it is treated. But of course, it's better to remove topaz jewelry if you are going to do hard physical labor. Topaz is available in pear and emerald cuts because it crystallizes in rough form in special way. Topaz is available in large sizes of 3-4 carats. It is evaluated for color, cut and clarity. The best topaz stones cost about 500$ per carat and the gems larger than 2-3 carats have a larger per carat price. 1000$ per carat is the price for Imperial topaz.
Nowadays topaz is widely used in jewelry and it is the traditional gift for celebrating 23rd wedding anniversaries. Topaz is the birthstone of the sigh of Sagittarius and November. The Imperial Topaz is still associated with royalty and its peachy brown color is highly prized.
Topaz jewelry will hold the sun or the blue ocean in it and you'll surely enjoy its beauty and unique qualities.