Birthday Gifts

If You Were Born in January

Saturn controls the month of January and rules the sign of Capricorn. If you are born in January you are strongly motivated to gain a position of power and succeed in your life. You strive for accomplishment in your career and respect. People born in January possess strong organizational principles and are gifted with computers. They have power over the universal mind and should avoid nurturing depressing thoughts. People born when nature was asleep, in the middle of winter have strength to climb towards the top of the mountain against all odds. They will be rewarded by Saturn with a well-dressed position and a long life.

If You Were Born in December

The planet Jupiter governs the month of December and the sign of Sagittarius. If you are born in the first month of winter you are classified as "Truth Seeker" and are a natural teacher and philosopher. You do well in teaching and learning aeronautics, religion, computers, radio, communications, language and law. Animals, holistic healing, the world of sports and the Indians attract you. You have a strong desire to travel to foreign lands.

If You Were Born in November

The planet Pluto governs the month of November and the sign of Scorpio. If you were born in the last month of autumn you have a powerful will and you are attracted to politics, metaphysics, the medical professions, the police force and everything unknown. You are mystic, secretive and private. You are well advised to avoid stinging your life with your own dart unless you are aware of your innate powers. The elements of pure sensuality and reincarnation, the death and life are carried in your soul.

If You Were Born in October

The planet Venus governs the month of October and the sign of Libra. If you were born in October you must create harmony in all areas of your life and have a strong desire for justice. In Divine Astrology you are classified as the "Peacemaker". Your gentle personality, natural "savior faire" and sense of diplomacy will help you succeed in your career. Try to avoid prolonged indecision. Learn decision making and stand for yourself by following your accurate intuitions as well as your rational mind.
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